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R.A.I.N. of Central Illinois Inc. is a No Kill organization whose mission is to eliminate the killing of adoptable animals.  We will provide a no-kill shelter(when we have enough funds to build), spay/neuter services, medical, animal advocacy, cruelty/abuse investigations, disaster services and humane education.

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2016 October. HURRICANE Mathew. S. Carolina. On wait, one member is on location.

2016 August.
We are in Denham Springs, La. Livingston, La. For the Louisiana floods. Its been °100 index the whole time. Lots of cats and dogs. The area we are in had 3-8ft of water. The people lost everything including their animals.

Tornado hits Washington, Il.
R.A.I.N. of CENTRAL ILLINOIS has been on location since an EF4 Tornado hit the town Washington, Il. 2,400 homes were damaged or destroyed. The tornado that hit the community of Washington stayed on the ground for more than 46 miles and produced several tornadoes that touched down across the Midwest left behind a path of destruction in 12 states.

**If you would like to help out with our continuing effort and future rescues please go to our donation page.

Click on below links to read about Dexter the Dog saved by R.A.I.N. of Central Illinois Inc.



November/December: Washington, Ill Tornados. Rescue.
Dog fight,
           Dogs left in heat no shelter, Horses with low body scores, 31 Dogs for spay & Neuter. 
April:             Saving 20+ pups and Dogs off of Death row.
Dogs and puppies locked up in unsanitary crates. Investigate hoarder(still in progress).
   Surveillance of property of neglect case. Abandoned animals on property. Dog fighting. We are in New Orleans.
January:       Dogs and Cats left behind. Investigation of cruelty. 22 dogs & Puppies spay/neuter and vet care.
December:   2 Mommas and 15 pup save from freezing weather. Investigations of abandonment and starving animals.
Animals left out in cold. Cruelty and abuse of dogs left in building. Owner in jail.
Hording case. under investigation. Puppy's in kill shelter saved.
September:  Dumped dog on country road (under investigation). Abandoned dog needing medical.
August:         Dogs out in heat no shelter/water. Animals left in cars.
          Investigations on dead dog in building and abandoned animals. Central Illinois.
June:              On Alert for Joplin Missouri disaster. Illinois cruelty Neglect cases.

May:               Deployed to Great Mississippi floods (Missouri) flood rescue. (Rescued 548 animals). Illinois investigations.
April:              On Alert for: Illinois/Kentucky/Missouri floods. Illinois investigations & education.
         New Orleans Street dog rescue. (video below)
February:    Louisiana/Illinois Investigations
January:       Illinois/Kentucky puppy's in kill shelter saved and transported.

R.A.I.N. 8th Ward rescue.

        R.A.I.N. at Barkus New Orleans

Please help us to be able to continue new deployment.  Donate on Donate page. Thank You.

Our Rescue's
March 2013:      Can't release info. In courts.
Jan 2013:          New Orleans,

Feb 2012:          On standby for Illinois, Kentucky tornadoes.
June 2011:        Got notice they need us in Joplin, MO.
May 2011:         Rescue
Mississippi floods (Missouri, Arkansas, Tenn. Kentucky, Illinois)
April 2011:       Members of R.A.I.N. in Japan.

March 2011:     Japan Rescue 2011.
March 2011:     New Orleans. 8th/9th Ward Street dog Rescue

2010 - 2011:
    Members of team in Chile and  Haiti.
June 2010:        BP Oil spill. Louisiana, Alabama, Florida.
June 2008:        Iowa (Mid-West) Floods.
Jan. 1996:       Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, Louisiana.
March 2011:    
Japan Rescue 2011.
March 2011:    
New Orleans. 8th/9th Ward Street dog Rescue.


See video of abandoned/abused pup we rescued in 20 degree weather:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC4XsPG6Lhc

See video of New Orleans rescue:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khAIBqRF7X8

Below are actual pictures of animals we have rescued from abuse and neglect. Just a few of thousand we have helped.


          R.A.I.N. is proud to offer:                                                    Items needed:
  • Animals a second chance to live a good life                              We are in need of a cargo van. Needed for transport.
  • Humane education classes                                                      We need donations to build our facility in 2015.
  • Low cost medical                                                                    Flat bottom boats. Rescue
  • Permanent stable loving homes                                               Donations for medical, dog/cat/horse food.
  • Humane Investigation                                                             Kennels.
  • Owner counseling                                                                   Box truck.
  • Education on BSL                                                                    Donations for investigations. Gas, supplies, Bite sleeves, leashes
  • Shelter outreach                                                                     Building
  • Preventing cruelty to animals and children                                Box Trailer
  • Promoting public awareness
  • Disaster services
  • No Kill shelter                                  
  • Education to Stop puppy mills
  • Education to stop dog fighting
  • Spay/neuter programs
  • Parvo awareness
  • Pet first aid classes

We are a group of animal lovers/activist that believe every animal has the right to a long healthy, happy life. We have rescued animals all over the USA. Helping police, fire calls, overloaded shelters, dumped, abandoned, abused, neglected you name it we've helped out.